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Shanghai Expo 2010

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Cindy, the winner!

My girl, Cindy had participated in 2010 Metropolitan Detroit
Young Artist’s Competition for piano. After competing with all contestants from
metro Detroit, Cindy has been rewarded as Honorable Mention of Upper
Elementary Division
(Only 5 people won the
first place, second place, third place and honorable mentions in this category).

Cindy had played two songs in the competition, Haydn –
Sonata E Minor Hob.16/34 and Chopin – Trois Ecossaises Op. 72 No.3. The judgers
were regarding Cindy as “Very musical!”, “What a great playful character to
this piece!”, “Nice Job!!!”, “Very steady and sincere!” Over all, judges
encouraged with comments like “so much talent–you have much to look forward to
on your musical journey!”

 Last weekend, Cindy went to the winner’s concert and
accepted her award on stage. It was a great honor for Cindy and her teacher
that was mentioned by Metropolitan Detroit Musicians League for Young Artist
Scholarship Competition.

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Art from the Hills

There is the annual art show for Bloomfield Hills school district. We were lucky to be invited to the opening. Because Cindy’s artwork was selected by the jurors and represent PL school. She did very colorful oil painting on canvas, inspired by Kandinsky. We are all proud of her, our little artist.

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Late blogs for two DSO concerts

On Oct. 26, Cindy and I went to Fisher theater to see the concert of Detroit Symphony Orchestra, Classical Series Dutoit’s Sheherazade.
This is the second time we saw Pianist Yuja Wang. In this remarkable concert, she played Sergei Prokofiev’s Piano Concerto No. 2 in G minor, Op.16.
From Wang’s performance, I found the beauty of this piece. It was modern and exciting, full of energy. Prokofiev’s work used to be too hard to understand for me. Now I feel strong emotion from his music. Yuja Wang did awesome job on this. Beside that, Cindy and I all enjoyed the beautiful and lyric Claude Debussy’s “Petite Suite” and story-telling piece“Sheherazade, Op. 35” by Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov. In Chinese, it translated as “1001 Arabian Night”. Anyway, it was terrific moment to listen the classic master pieces with great performance from all the talents.

Here is the little bio of the conductor of this concert: The conductor is Charles Dutoit. He has conducted the major orchestras of the world, including Berlin, Vienna, Munich, Amstredam, London, New York, Boston and San francisco. His more than 175 recordings have garnered over 40 awards and distinctions around the world.

Also On September, we went to DSO for Symphony. Lang Lang was the solo pianist. It was the second time we met Lang Lang in one year. Last time it was in Ann Arbor. Lang  Lang is the popular pianist in the world now. But according to Cindy’s piano teach, Marina, who was a piano major graduate form St. Petersburg Conservatory in 70’s, She said Yujai Wang has better skill and potentials than Lang Lang. I believe it is right. In two months, I watched both performance. I feel stronger impact from Yuma Wang’s performing than Lang Lang’s.

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> 01.大型古装舞蹈《多难兴邦》表演者:南方雪灾和汶川灾民
> 02.小合唱《因为爱所以爱肉体岂能拿来慷慨》表演者:绿帽组,主唱:谢霆锋
> 03.小品《有奶不一定就是娘》表演者:三鹿集团领导者
> 04.独唱《谁说山西好风光》表演者:山西矿难家属代表
> 05.小品《老虎来了》表演者:周正龙
> 06.歌曲《你伤害了我却一拐而过》表演者::刘翔
> 07.群口相声 《钢铁是怎样也练不成的》 表演者:中国足球队
> 08.豫剧《我比窦娥还冤》表演者:奶农
> 09.杂技《火车也疯狂》表演者:山东铁路局
> 11.单口相声《为什么受伤的总是我》表演者:孟学农
> 12.大型诗朗诵《冬天已经来了,春天还会遥远吗》表演者:部分股民
> 13.京剧《奥运油和米,北京欢迎你》表演者:张艺谋
> 14.武术表演《掌掴天下》表演者:阎崇年
> 15.体育杂技《三个俯卧撑》 表演者:翁安县公安局
> 16.单口相声《封口费》 表演者:戴骁军

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summer trip to Las Vegas, Grand Canyon and Yellowstone

We booked this trip in early spring. It is 2-week trip to Las Vegas, Grand Canyon and Yellowstone.
Our airplane departed from Detroit Metro Airport, landed at Las Vegas
airport 4 hours later. It was close to the midnight. We rented a car by the
airport then headed to the hotel. It was so hot in Las Vegas. During the day, the temperature was up to 116 degrees. The land was toasted. We started to miss cool summer weather in Michigan. We stayed in Las Vegas for 3 days, included one day to Grand Canyon.

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2008 summer piano recital

June. 15th, Father’s Day, Cindy has semi-year piano recital. Among 44 students, she is the #24 player. The big number means better player. Compare to last recital, this time Cindy played Sonatina 3 movements all together. It is quite long piece. The most part she played well and fluently, only the second movement has a pause. It was unexpected. Because this is the most easy part of the whole piece. Anyway, there are a lot incidents could happen on the stage vs. home practice. That is why Mrs. Marina always say that 200% no fault in practicing to make 100% accurate on the stage.
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I haven’t done any oil painting for long time. This time I used my new easel box to paint Cindy’s portrait. It was fun during my painting.
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Lang Lang’s concert in AnnArbor

Last night we went to Lang Lang’s concert in Ann Arbor.
It was wonderful experience to listen such wonderful music.
No doubt Lang Lang is the best of the best.
We had the first row seats and viewing his performance so well.
I tried to capture the best moment of his performance. But the music hall has very restricted rule for not taking pictures.
By the end of concert, finally I got chance to take a few pictures. But it was too short and happened too soon. The pictures didn’t turn out the way it suppose to.
But better than nothing.

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